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The Turquoise Cowboys

Me, Penny and our six children and grandchildren!

The Otteson Family and Turquoise
Hi, my name is Robert Otteson. My family has been in the Turquoise and Variscite business for over 60 years in Nevada, Colorado. Our family owns and operates many turquoise mines near our home in Tonopah Nevada. Mines such as the Royston, White Buffalo, Broken Arrow, Easter Blue, Coralee, Oma and many more! My Grandfather Lynn Otteson started mining many years ago in Colorado and Nevada. He is now teaching his children and grandchildren the art of turquoise mining and cabbing. Please enjoy our site!!
Otteson's Broken Arrow Variscite

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Otteson Turquoise / Robert Otteson

PO Box 3493 Tonopah Nevada 89049

775-482-5650 (Evening)

775-482-4459 (Cell)

702-653-5000 ext. 89516 (Day)



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