Otteson Turquoise

"Quality Turquoise for over 60 years"


Candelaria Mine




Candelaria Story

Candelaria is in Central Nevada and is 45 miles north east of Tonopah Nevada.  It is in the old Columbus Mining District.  It isone of the biggest silver mines in the world,  it is not a turquoise mine but it was leased years ago to mine turquoise but now it not able to be mined because of new ownership.  Candelaria is dark blues and is very rare.


Rough Material


Light Blue Grade $400.00 per lbs.

Medium Grade Blue $750.00 per lbs.

High Grade Dark Blue $1000.00 per lbs.



Light Blue Grade $1.00 per carat

Medium Grade Blue $5.00 per carat

High Grade Dark Blue $25.00 per carat

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