Otteson Turquoise

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Easter Blue Pit


Turquoise Miner - Denver Otteson at Easter Blue mine


  Easter Blue Mine


The Easter Blue mine, discovered in 1907, is near Tonopah, Nevada, in the Royston district. The mine has yielded very little turquoise, but the first turquoise found there was Easter or robin's egg blue, hence the name of the mine. The later yield of the mine has included very attractive large mottled spider web matrix with light blue centers in the webbing, as well as deep blue-green with light to dark brown matrix.



  Tonopah Nevada


This mine is owned by the Otteson Family

Dean, Danny, Tommy, David, Dixie and Grandpa Lynn

Cabs - $.50 to $25.00 per carat

Rough $250 to $1000.00 per lbs.