Otteson Turquoise

"Quality Turquoise for over 60 years"

Otteson's Royston Turquoise

Dean and Danny Otteson Owners

Royston Turquoise is one of Nevada's finest Turquoise Mines. The Turquoise mine has been owned by the Otteson family for generations. It is one of the only Turquoise mines left in Nevada that produces natural Turquoise that does not need to be treated. The Royston Turquoise Mine produces all ranges of colors from deep rich blues to emerald greens. The host rock in Royston Turquoise is a golden brown color which creates beautiful formations to spider webbing in the material.

Royston Prices

Cabachon Price

 $.75 per carat to $5.00 per carat

Rough Prices 

 $400.00 per lbs. to $750.00 per lbs.

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