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White Buffalo Mine

Robert Otteson

White Buffalo Mine


Sometimes called White Buffalo Turquoise or White Turquoise because of its characteristics of turquoise comes from a unique formation of veins running white in color, hence the name White Buffalo, found near Tonopah, Nevada by famous Nevada prospector Lynn Otteson.

As a rule, white turquoise is considered low grade due to its chalk like consistency, making it impossible to polish, unlike the rare veins found on these claims that are hard enough to take a brilliant shine, leaving us to believe that this could be a form of albino-turquoise that is lacking some mineral components that didn't allow it to color.

Many gemologists thought white turquoise might be howlite, a common turquoise substitute (hardness 3.5) that’s dyed blue. But the white turquoise has a hardness of 5.5 to 7.5, which allows for a much better polish than can be achieved with howlite. According to Otteson’s, some mineralogists thought it was planarite, a member of the turquoise series, but planarite is too rare and not white enough to fit the bill. Otteson notes that, like turquoise, it lies in veins surrounded by black chert (an opaque variety of quartz). “Until someone can prove differently, we’re going to call it white turquoise from the White Buffalo mine,” Otteson says.

The Otteson family has mined and prospected turquoise in Colorado and Nevada for over 50 years and has never come across anything like this with the white color and gem qualities.




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